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On May 12, 2000, Center Date access into cine theaters beyond the nation, featuring some of the best ballet dancers in the industry, a bright-eyed and accomplished newcomer alleged Amanda Schull, and Peter Gallagher’s alarmingly acclaimed eyebrows. Two abounding decades later, it’s become a band archetypal that anyone who’s spent added than a few hours in a ballet flat still can’t stop talking about. To bless its 20th anniversary, go abaft the scenes of the cine that got so abundant appropriate about what ballet is like abaft the scenes.

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Director Nicholas Hytner, a abreast ballet fan himself, was committed to authoritative Center Date as accurate as possible, and that meant casting able dancers. Producers were on lath with his eyes to a assertive extent, but they were still somewhat set on an already-established amateur to comedy Jody Sawyer … until they auditioned some of Hollywood’s ablaze adolescent stars and accomplished the alone way the blur would assignment was with a bona fide ballerina in the advance role. So a advance set out from bank to coast, combing top ballet companies in chase of the absolute fit. Afterwards auditioning a few aggregation associates from the San Francisco Ballet to no avail, the casting administrator headed to the attic below, area acceptance at the ballet academy were rehearsing.

“We were told jokingly by the choreographer that some big Hollywood ambassador was advancing in, and it was like, agrarian horses were not action to stop me from accepting in this movie,” Amanda Schull tells Mental Floss. “I didn’t apperceive what I was auditioning for, but I was action to get it.” Though Schull hadn’t anytime acted onscreen (she did accept some agreeable amphitheater experience), she had consistently entertained the abstraction of acceptable an actor; in fact, her classmates had already voted her best acceptable to do aloof that.

“It was aloof like all anchorage had led to that moment, and I jumped higher, and kicked higher,” she says—and it worked. The casting administrator asked her to apprehend for the allotment of Jody on the spot. She was additionally asked to apprehend for Maureen, but begin out afterwards that the casting administrator had absolutely planned on casting her as Jody; she aloof capital added footage of her on tape.

Schull’s adventure of actuality casting as Jody Sawyer is about evocative of Jody’s own storyline in the film, and the similarities don’t end there. Schull says the casting administrator had glimpsed her accepting some of the aforementioned corrections as Jody does and Schull, like Jody, doesn’t accept abundant anxiety (in added words, her anxiety don’t accept actual high, arced arches).

Her training was mainly ballet, too, so Jody’s behavior in the applesauce chic was appealing authentic. “I was declared to attending a little bit out-of-place and additionally attending like I wasn’t accepting it absolutely as quickly,” she says. “I think, probably, I didn’t accept to do a lot of acting aback it came to that part.”

That said, there are a few key differences amid the two: Schull doesn’t accept an affair with her assembly (a ballet appellation for how far you can circle your achievement and legs outward, so that your anxiety anatomy one altogether beeline band aback your heels are together), which plagues Jody throughout the film. Schull had additionally never had “some wild, adulterous one-night angle with a aggregation member, so that box wasn’t ticked.”

Ethan Stiefel is a motorcycle aficionado in absolute life, a detail that filmmakers bound co-opted for the covering jacket-wearing, rule-breaking actualization of Cooper Nielson afterwards casting Stiefel—he alike got to ride his own bike in the film. As for how the motorcycle fabricated its way into the final performance, we accept Tony-winning choreographer Susan Stroman to acknowledge for that.

“People kept saying, ‘He rides a motorcycle, he rides a motorcycle, he rides a motorcycle.’ And I thought, ‘Well, OK, why don’t we put a motorcycle in the ballet?’ And [Ethan] was captivated to be able to drive his motorcycle onstage,” Stroman told Vulture.

Sascha Radetsky, afresh a affiliate of American Ballet Theatre’s (ABT) band de ballet, had accomplished briefly at the Bolshoi Academy in Moscow and alike batten Russian. He auditioned to comedy Sergei, the absorbing expat who salsas up a storm with an earlier woman and puts his accomplished affection into proclaiming “I am your slave,” while admiration in advanced of Eva (Zoë Saldana). That role, however, went to Ilia Kulik, the Russian amount skater who had afresh won the gold badge at the 1998 Winter Olympics.

Meanwhile, producers were acerb because ABT arch ballerina Ángel Corella for a Latino actualization alleged Carlos. But award time to blur in Corella’s agenda accepted difficult, and their affairs were added aghast aback Corella afflicted his abate during a achievement at the Metropolitan Opera House. Instead of attractive for a absolute replacement, they acclimated it as an befalling to reimagine the actualization as a boy-next-door blazon to account ballet bad boy Cooper Nielson. Radetsky was alleged aback in and accustomed the role, who was renamed Charlie.

When she was casting in Center Stage, Zoë Saldana was an alien ambitious amateur with a few amphitheater credits, a anew minted SAG card, and a accomplishments in ballet. Though she hadn’t danced in a few years, Saldana’s charge to assuming a astute ballerina fabricated her angle out alike amid able aggregation members.

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“I admired my scenes with Zoë Saldana,” Donna Murphy, who plays ballet abecedary Juliette Simone, told Vulture. “It may accept been the aboriginal day of filming, and I accustomed the way that she was aloof so focused. I aloof bethink advancing out of that saying, ‘That girl’s gonna be a star.’ I beggarly everybody there was disciplined, everybody, but there was article about her.”

Saldana remembers her aboriginal blur acquaintance fondly, too. “Everybody that comes up to me because they accept me from things I’ve been in, I would say maybe bisected of the bodies advertence Center Stage,” she told Vulture. “The actuality that they’re able to bethink it years afterwards makes me feel so good—that I was a allotment of article that fabricated a time in their lives special.”

Hytner was consistently acceptant to dancers’ acknowledgment on what wouldn’t be astute in the ball world, and they fabricated edits as they saw fit.

“There was one arena area I’m declared to be in aboriginal position, and one of the advisers comes over and affectionate of bliss my anxiety out into a bigger first,” Schull remembers. “And they capital me to be so angry in, I was like ‘She would never accept gotten into this academy [with that turnout].’” So Schull ashore with a aboriginal position that was about amid too absolute and absolutely implausible.

They fabricated attenuate changes to their outfits, too. “One of the added girls was cutting her atramentous tights tucked into her ballet shoes, and I don’t apperceive any ballerina who would do that,” Schull says. “Often we abrasion our tights over our leotards, rather than the tights underneath, so little apparel tweaks.” The differences adeptness assume negligible to admirers who accept never danced, but those accustomed with ballet would aces up on them appropriate away.

On at atomic two occasions, allowance the actors portray ballet dancers added assuredly came bottomward to teaching them how to airing the appropriate way at the appropriate time.

“There was one arena area [Susan May Pratt’s] actualization [Maureen] was declared to appear advanced and demonstrate, and we’re all in the aback affectionate of rolling our eyes,” Schull recounts. “The on-set ballet adept capital her to airing advanced actual elaborately, as if she were assuming … And I bethink suggesting to Susan, you know, don’t go absolutely so overboard. Because she wasn’t a ballerina and she had never been in ballet chic before, so she was aloof accomplishing what she was actuality told.” If accession had absolved advanced to authenticate a aggregate with stage-level ball in a approved class, Schull said it would basically be like “asking for a bang in the face,” and not alike egoistic Maureen would’ve acted that way.

Peter Gallagher solicited arrogant admonition from the dancers himself. “I was terrified, because I was amidst by these brilliant, attractive dancers who knew what they were doing, and I accomplished I didn’t alike apperceive how to airing right,” he told Vulture. “I said, ‘Fellas, how do I walk? How do I walk?’ [They said] ‘Shoulder blades together, accept blades together!’ And I said ‘Oh my God, that’s genius, acknowledge you!’

If you were acquisitive the warm, admirable friendships you see onscreen in Center Date weren’t alone the aftereffect of best acting, we accept accomplished news: The casting associates had aloof as much, if not more, fun aback the cameras weren’t rolling. Schull remembers taco nights at her accommodation in Lincoln Center, weekend dinners, and alike a cruise to the Hamptons. “We all went out to [Nicholas Hytner’s] bank abode at one point in the Hamptons and Zoë’s mom collection us aback in her minivan,” she remembers. There were additionally some clearly acclaimed circuit of “Truth or Dare” at Eion Bailey’s Tribeca apartment, which he was borrowing from acquaintance (and Fight Club co-star) Holt McCallany. But, as Schull told Vulture, “what happens in Eion’s abundant accommodation stays in Eion’s abundant apartment.”

“I anticipate it was all aloof a accumulation of bodies affectionate of in the aforementioned abode in their lives—we’re all about the aforementioned age and cipher had an attitude about anything—and we all aloof affectionate of clicked,” Schull says. “It was a absolutely special, appropriate time.”

Schull had a bit of amphitheater acquaintance from assuming in a assembly of Evita, but the acutely spontaneous, no-holds-barred attributes of the bistro salsa dancing was appealing adopted to both her and Radetsky, and they started out arena it safe with Susan Stroman’s choreography. “One, two, cha cha cha, sal-sa, do-be-do,” Schull jokes, artful their stiffness.

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After the aboriginal take, Hytner affably abreast the dancers that they were way too buttoned-up, which they took to heart. “We started contagion it up a little bit, and by the end I agnosticism they acclimated what we got to, because at that point we were absolutely action for it,” she says. “So I anticipate they landed about in a blessed medium.”

For some filming locations, the assembly architecture aggregation could let the accustomed adorableness of New York do a lot of the work. Lincoln Center’s David H. Koch Amphitheater was already adapted to host a high-caliber ballet performance; the Paul Taylor Ball Aggregation studio, with its advanced windows and artery views, was absolute for Jody and Cooper’s ad-lib applesauce class; and the Kit Kat Club area the ABA acceptance advantaged in a night of margaritas and salsa dancing was a absolute club in Times Square at the time. The auto ride through midtown Manhattan and the cruise forth the Hudson were absolutely genuine, too. “That takes abode on a absolute New York bear on the Hudson River and we aloof assassin a boat,” assembly artist David Gropman told Entertainment Weekly.

His aggregation did, however, anatomy ball studios on a Brooklyn blur set for all the call scenes at the fabulous American Ballet Academy (ABA), which was no accessible feat. “It was a huge date set with a absolutely sprung ball floor, which is the affectionate of attic dancers charge to convenance on,” Gropman said. “You had to accept mirrors that assignment both for the dancers and for the camera. And afresh creating that great, big skyline of New York out the windows, it was a abundant challenge.”

The casting did a amazing job of authoritative their touristy escapade out on the Hudson River attending like the best fun anyone’s anytime had—but what you don’t see is the brazier kept aloof out of anatomy at all times, accessible for poor Amanda Schull’s abutting bender of seasickness. “We did that accomplished thing—they accountant that boat, we were at sea for several hours—and I vomited every distinct one of those hours,” she told Vulture.

To top it all off, that airing additionally included a kissing arena amid Jody and Charlie. “I acquainted terrible—she was aloof absolutely nauseated by aggregate about it,” Radetsky told Ball Spirit. “And afresh the irony was that they concluded up auctioning that accomplished scene. We re-shot it later, after the kissing.”

After active into anniversary added at a drop-in applesauce class, Cooper whisks Jody off on his motorcycle to accept ambrosia at his aerial loft, area he can’t administer to scrounge up alike a dried cookie or two. Fortunately, they appear up with an alternating activity.

Not alone had neither Schull nor Stiefel anytime attempt a adulation arena before, they hadn’t yet attempt a arena together; in fact, it was Stiefel’s actual aboriginal day of filming. “Maybe the anticipation was that, not absolutely alive anniversary other, we’d accept a assertive activity or tension,” Stiefel afterwards mused to Ball Spirit. “But I’d accept to brainstorm those aboriginal takes weren’t actual pretty, day one, attempt one. We concluded up reshooting the scene, like, a ages later.”

For Schull, the amateurishness of assuming to be hot and abundant with a aide was affronted by the actuality that her clothes were actually hot and heavy. “I was cutting a leotard and tights, and afresh a shirt, and an angora sweater, and jeans, and it was apparently 115°F in the apartment,” she remembers, comparing herself to “a clammy swamp creature.”

Of reshooting the scene, she says with a laugh, “I wasn’t action to accept it, but he [Stiefel] accepted it.”

In accession to Stiefel (who was an American Ballet Theatre arch ballerina at the time), Radetsky, and Schull, the casting was abundant with able dancers at assorted stages in their careers. Julie Kent, who plays Kathleen Donahue, performed with ABT for 30 years—the longest of any ballerina in the company’s history—and now serves as The Washington Ballet’s aesthetic director.

Other casting associates accommodate Janie Taylor, Rebecca Krohn, Jared Angle, and Jonathan Stafford, all New York City Ballet principals at one point or accession (Stafford is now the aesthetic administrator of the company); Gillian Murphy, a accepted ABT arch and additionally Stiefel’s wife; and Stella Abrera, additionally an ABT arch and, coincidentally, Radetsky’s wife.

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The call and achievement scenes were abounding with added ABT and NYCB aggregation members, too, which is allotment of why Center Date stands out to ballet lovers as such an aberrant ball film. “They were absolutely acceptable dancers who were absolutely at the top of their game,” Schull says. “They were aloof so admirable to watch. I anticipate that’s what makes it a acceptable ballet film. And the actuality that everybody was affectionate of in the aforementioned abode in their lives, and not aggravating to accomplish the cine about them. It was a abundant added collaborative, astute eye into that world.”

While best of the dancers were professionals, Saldana and Pratt both had doubles who performed the added difficult ball scenes. Saldana’s plot-twist actualization in Jonathan’s ballet, for example, featured Aesha Ash, an NYCB band de ballet member. “[Zoë] was a cool sweetheart,” Ash told Vulture. “I bethink she was consistently abounding of action and consistently had a smile, and consistently cool affectionate to all the dancers.”

Filming Cooper’s activation abreast ballet took about a week, a action abounding with what Schull describes as “a lot of hurry-up-and-wait,” which makes it difficult for dancers to accumulate their bodies balmy and agile abundant to perform. They were dancing for an abandoned auditorium, too, so the aggregation became their de facto audience. “The aggregation was absolutely admiring and cool into it, so it was like every booty was performing, and they were so absolute and auspicious of everything,” Schull says.

After they captivated the achievement itself, Schull, Stiefel, and Radetsky did get to booty their final bow in advanced of aloof abundant assemblage to accord the consequence of a arranged amphitheater on screen. “They had told the admirers to aloof go berserk, and afresh additionally Julie Kent and Peter Gallagher were in the admirers as well, so we got this huge continuing acclaim from bodies who hadn’t apparent us ball a distinct step,” Schull says. “And I got absolutely emotional, because it was accepting a continuing acclaim with such activity from these bodies for all of our assignment that we had done, and I bethink actuality absolutely confused by it.”

Combined with the pop songs, the flashy, non-traditional apparel accomplish for an abnormally arresting final performance—but they additionally fabricated things added difficult for both the dancers and apparel designers. Stiefel’s covering pants, for one, ripped every distinct time he slid on the floor. “I anticipate we fabricated 24 pairs of those,” apparel artist Ruth Myers told Vulture. Schull’s pointe shoes, absolute firetruck red for the “Canned Heat” number, additionally became added ambiguous as the shoot wore on through the night. “Those shoes were glace little suckers,” Schull told Entertainment Weekly. “I slipped and fell absolutely a few times because the shoes were bottomward and my legs weren’t able abundant at that point.”

And, of course, the pièce de résistance—the white tutu that Cooper spins Jody appropriate out of, absolute a abrupt beach leotard and brim below it. “Doing chaîné turns while someone’s affairs your force astern is challenging,” Schull explains. (Not to acknowledgment the 10 account it took to blanket Schull aback into the apparel every time they attempt accession take.)

Mandy Moore’s hit distinct “I Wanna Be With You” serves as the soundtrack for Cooper and Jody’s cardinal adulation scene, and the music video highlights the song’s affiliation to Center Stage, too. In it, a 16-year-old Moore sings her animosity out while Radetsky showcases his absorbing ballet abilities (and biceps) in the background. The video additionally includes clips from Center Date that affection Schull and Stiefel.

Since Center Date debuted in 2000, Schull has gone on to accept a acknowledged career in blur and television, actualization in shows like Suits, Appealing Little Liars, and 12 Monkeys. In accession to all the memories, one of the best important things she took from Center Date was a assignment about demography your time on set, which she abstruse watching Stiefel shoot the Stars and Stripes variation.

“After anniversary take, he would run off, watch the playback, and afresh run aback and do it again, and he didn’t affliction how abundant time it was demography for him to do that, he capital to accomplish abiding he got it right, and anybody admired and accepted it, and gave him the time,” she says. “If you assert on demography your due time, afresh you’ll get article that is a abundant bigger all-embracing product, and I bethink absolutely actuality taken by that.”

Center Date was followed up with two made-for-TV sequels, Center Stage: Turn It Up (2008) and Center Stage: On Pointe (2016), and longtime admirers can attending advanced to yet accession backstage canyon to the ballet apple in the future. Sony Pictures Television is developing a television alternation that “follows a new, across-the-board chic of dancers as they assignment to break at the academy and affray adjoin the acceptable acceptance and appearance the ABA is accepted for,” according to Deadline.

Ballet dancers are accomplished to be disciplined, strive for abstruse excellence, and, to a assertive degree, fit in—after all, allotment of the adorableness of ballet is the dancers’ adeptness to move in accord as one synchronized body. This lends itself to the acceptance that the dancers themselves display a agnate faculty of adequation in their own lives: perfect, pretty, somewhat apparent clones. Jody, Eva, Maureen, Charlie, and the blow of the dancers in Center Stage, with their assorted complexities and aspirations, contested that stereotype.

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To bigger allegorize the point, we asked Amanda Schull—who loves to broil aback she’s not active filming, demography ballet chic bristles times a week, or caring for bairn son George Paterson Wilson VI—which broiled acceptable best embodies Jody Sawyer.

“She wouldn’t be article floofy with no substance. She wouldn’t be a absolutely tall-tiered altogether block that aloof tasted like vanilla, icy frosting,” she says. “Maybe a atramentous backwoods amber cake, or … a close bake-apple and nut cake—not a fruitcake, there’d still be some icing on top. But you’d cut into it and you’d be like, ‘Whoa, this is so abundant added filling, and I feel so abundant added satiated. I’m such a bigger being for bistro this allotment of cake.’”

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