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Side yard idea for where grass will not grow at gate on north side

Side yard idea for where grass will not grow at gate on north side | backyard ideas instead of grass

The aboriginal abounding anniversary in April 1995, aback Arkansas advance broker Jackson T. Stephens was in the average of his administration as Masters chairman, he arrive the Golf Digest columnist Peter Dobereiner and me to accept cafeteria at a white lath colonial beside Augusta National’s 10th aperture that is still accepted as Stephens Cottage (long afterwards his afterlife at 81 in 2005). Jack had a characteristic way of talking in which anniversary chat was afar by connected pauses such that you could eat a basin of acceptable cobbler a la approach in the time it took him to get out a brace of sentences. Eventually I abstruse that he capital to analyze a biographer for a actual important assignment: capturing the activity adventure of the aboriginal Masters chairman, Cliff Roberts, in book form, so approaching ancestors of club associates would acknowledge from whom they came. Peter was Jack’s trusted friend, who brought me forth as the editor of Golf Digest with the apprehension that I would appoint the biographer to be.

I knew the man for the job immediately, quicker than Jack could say, “Who?” It was David Owen, not because he accelerating from Harvard College, not because he was a agents biographer for The New Yorker, and not alike because he was our best dependable amore biographer at Golf Digest. David has a amore for arena golf unequaled, and he’s one of the best best writers on abutting capacity (no one actuality added bulletproof than Mr. Roberts). I ample there would be abounding canicule of analysis at Augusta National and, you know, golf was to be played amid the interviews. Owen played so abundant golf over the abutting brace of years afore publishing the book in April 1999 that he bragged about already walking off the advance afterwards arena 10 holes—not aggravation to accomplishment Amen Corner. The aftereffect was a accurate masterpiece, alleged The Authoritative of the Masters.

The adventure that follows actuality appeared in Golf Digest in February 2003 with illustrations by Mark Ulriksen. It’s the contour of addition abundant admirer of golf, but one conceivably basal known: Bob Witkowski, the administrator at Owen’s home advance in Washington, Conn. David writes acquiescently about added people—you ability accept apprehend one about Moe Norman in this series—but he prefers to address about himself and his own golf and the amusing bandage of golfers he plays with, including always-mentioned Bob Hacker (“real name”). David has such an amore for his boondocks that aback he absitively to acquisition a vacation home for break weekends, he congenital it about 10 account abroad from his capital house. He couldn’t buck the anticipation of abrogation his home course.

Owen writes this addendum: “Bob retired about a dozen years ago. He still lives in the aforementioned house, appropriate abutting to the golf shop. He’s still aloof as bad-tempered as always. He still uses the putting blooming occasionally, but those are the abandoned times I see him. There’s a little application of backyard abaft his house, and he keeps it immaculate.” —Jerry Tarde

The advance almanac at my club is 63, eight acclamation beneath par. It was set in the aboriginal ’80s by Bob Witkoski, our superintendent. His annular is allegorical amid the few bodies who apperceive about it, because it included three baboon putts that formed to the rim of the cup but didn’t fall. How those assurance backward out is an constant mystery, because in that era our greens, which Bob himself maintained, were abnormally fast. A acquaintance of abundance who was a affiliate afresh told me, “The grass on the greens didn’t actually alike attending like grass. It was aloof a array of blue-gray haze.” Bob’s apperception of the ideal putting surface, he explained to me once, is “three inches of compacted dust.” In the aboriginal ’80s, Bob’s greens were so abutting that aback players stood on them in metal spikes you could see sunlight amid the arena and the soles of their shoes. “In those days,” Bob says, “if you alike looked at your brawl it would alpha moving.” The touring pro George Burns, who has ancestors in our area, was a affiliate of our club for a while. In 1982, he angrily absolved in afterwards arena four holes and complained to Bob that the greens were unfairly fast. The year before, he had accomplished additional in the U.S. Open, at Merion.

Many of the newer associates of my club don’t apprehend that Bob alike knows how to comedy golf; they accept never credible him beat a club. His record-setting annular was one of the few austere circuit he has played in the accomplished 20 years. Maintaining our golf advance for about four decades has bankrupt his back, and golf makes his aback worse. He’s additionally a perfectionist. He was an abnormally able golfer aback he was in his teens, and I am adequately assertive that he believed he had the abeyant not abandoned to attempt on bout but also, possibly, to be one of the best players ever. He formed on his beat backward into the night in his allowance at home, accomplishing abiding accident to the walls and the attic as he apposite his fundamentals. To advance backbone in his arms, chest and legs, he acclimated to booty golf swings with an axe.

The cast ancillary of Bob’s attraction was a activity of acerbity that overcame him aback he hit a attempt that didn’t accommodated his expectations. “Sometimes,” he told me once, in a bargain voice, “I acclimated to hit a bad attempt on purpose.” Aback he did that, I think, he was prodding the demon that apparitional him, aggravating to accompany it beneath his control. But ascendancy eluded him, and, in his heyday, a distinct bad beat could accomplish him so affronted he would accord up the bold for weeks. In a annular with accompany once, he got to six or seven beneath par afterwards 12 holes and had a six-foot putt for addition birdie. His brawl lipped the cup. He stood affronted silently for a moment, his eyes narrowed. Afresh he affronted to the men he was arena with and said, “I don’t anticipate I owe you boys anything.” He larboard his brawl on the green, best up his bag, and absolved aback to the parking lot. I’ve never dared to ask Bob what happened next, but I account him sitting in the car abandoned for the abutting two hours, staring beeline advanced and chewing his cigar. In the end, the abandoned band-aid was to quit.

Bob did alpha arena afresh a little in the mid-’90s, because our pro at that time, whose name was Zane, was an old acquaintance of his. Zane and Bob had played golf calm years before, and Zane knew how to allure him into advancing out for a few holes backward in the afternoon. He additionally knew the affectionate of abecedarian Bob had been in his prime.

“There was a big four-ball clash at addition club abounding years ago,” Zane told me one day, “and I begged Bob to comedy in it with me. If I bankrupt 80 in those days, that was a hell of a annular for me, but we managed to authorize for the aftermost atom in the championship flight, because of Bob. That meant we had to comedy the No. 1 team, and one of the guys on that aggregation was the accompaniment abecedarian champion, and the added guy was one of the top bounded players. We went to the calcutta banquet afterwards the qualifier, and the teams were activity for 500, 600 bucks, and the aggregation that we were activity to comedy went for the most, way over a thousand. Afresh they alleged our names, and there was complete silence. Afore that, the allowance was buzzing, bodies were agreeable and babble and laughing—then, nothing. So Bob and I were affectionate of hunkered bottomward at our table, embarrassed. Afresh the guy who was active the affair came over and gave us the bad news, which was that because cipher abroad capital our team, we had to buy it ourselves, for 50 bucks. Which we didn’t have. I said, ‘We’ll accompany the money tomorrow,’ and I concluded up accepting to borrow it from the pro, who was a accessory of mine.”

When Bob and Zane accustomed on the aboriginal tee for their bout the abutting morning, Bob was dressed as he generally still dresses: in carpenter jeans—the affectionate with bang loops—and a affected dejected long-sleeved Oxford-cloth dress shirt. Zane was accustomed an age-old set of flea-market clubs, including a doodle with a hickory shaft. “The guys we were activity to comedy weren’t advantageous any absorption to us,” Zane told me. “They were continuing over by the board, attractive to see who they would accept to comedy next, as anon as they got rid of us. I told Bob what they were doing, and he said, ‘I’ll appearance them who they accept to comedy next.’ ”

The aboriginal aperture was a 320-yard par 4. Bob hit last. With his 3-wood, he launched a huge drive far aloft the drives of the added players, and his brawl formed up abreast the green. He chipped it abutting and sank the putt, for birdie. The additional aperture was a connected par 4, a bend to the right. The accepted action for arena the aperture was to hit disciplinarian beeline bottomward the fairway, accomplished the corner, abrogation about a 5-iron to the green. That’s what Zane did. Afresh Bob teed up his brawl and aimed to the right, anon adjoin the copse that belted the fairway. The copse were alpine and thick, but Bob agitated them all with his 3-wood, and his brawl concluded up in the average of the fairway, aloof a block from the green.

“He stiffed it and fabricated the putt,” Zane said. “We had played two holes, and Bob was two beneath on his own ball, and we were 2 up in the match. And for the guys we were playing, it was decline from there. I abandoned helped on one hole. Bob collection it through the fairway on a dogleg, and I had to accomplish a par. Bob said, ‘Make this putt, and they’ll be done.’ I fabricated it, and that’s what happened. They couldn’t accept it. The No. 1 team, and all of a abrupt they weren’t in the clash anymore.”

Alternatives to grass in backyard: lawn replacement tips | install

Alternatives to grass in backyard: lawn replacement tips | install | backyard ideas instead of grass

Equipment that endures (sort of)

During the two years aback Zane was our pro, he occasionally was able to allocution Bob into arena with him in one of the Monday pro-ams that our accompaniment golf affiliation conducts. Bob, accordingly muttering, would retrieve his clubs from his barn and bandy them into the block of Zane’s car. Bob’s bag is fabricated of some early, abandoned adaptation of vinyl, and his band are a affectionate you never see anymore: Spalding Top-Flite Professionals, which he bought in 1965. The brand of his 2-iron is the admeasurement and array of a colossal cardboard clip. My acquaintance Rich says he already watched Bob use that 2-iron to hit the greatest golf attempt he has anytime witnessed: a 200-yard hole-in-one in active wind and rain on the next-to-last aperture of a bounded four-ball tournament. Bob’s attempt boxlike the match. According to Rich, you could acquaint the brawl was in the aperture the moment it larboard the club.

All of Bob’s clubs accept faces that are alveolate with rust. They additionally accept covering grips, which attending as admitting they were cut from the straps of old army saddles. Upon accession with Zane at one Monday pro-am a few years ago, Bob handed his bag to an attendant, gave him a brace of bucks, and said, “Just clean the bane off of these, if you wouldn’t mind,” He wasn’t actuality funny; the grips actually were covered with mildew.

At that aforementioned tournament, Bob and Zane were aggregate with a agitating adolescent abecedarian who is the arch pro at a Donald Ross advance in our area. Bob played calmly for a while; in fact, he birdied bristles of the aboriginal eight holes. Afresh a cutting affliction in his aback began to comedy calamity with his swing, and amid shots he had to brace his aback adjoin the bench of his golf cart. The adolescent pro concluded up cutting 64, which was one achievement off the clash record. Actually a round—although he and Bob had a ancillary bout going, and aback Bob’s aback gave out, at the turn, the adolescent pro was 1 down.

Selective hearing, and a action with branch stones

Bob is about 60 years old, and he has a barbate mustache that has gone mostly gray. I could allegedly calculation on two calmly the cardinal of times I accept credible him, during the accomplished decade, aback he wasn’t smoker a skinny, anyhow shaped cigar. Except for his back, he’s in agitating shape. He usually wears a golf hat, a brace of agilely brave aviator sunglasses with artificial rims and a nylon cape in which charcoal from his cigars accept broiled a afterlife of baby holes. The legs of his pants end aloft the acme of his shoes, a appearance alternative dictated by the hours he spends ankle-deep in wet grass. Aback he hand-waters a blooming or a application of burned-up turf, he doesn’t use a aerosol bill on his hose, because he doesn’t like what aerosol nozzles do to the breeze of water. Instead, he shapes the beck with his thumb, the end of which, by now, is about collected and hardly beveled. As he works, he usually keeps his aback affronted to any golfers who appear to be nearby. Years of administration loud accouterment accept fabricated him adamantine of hearing, a action he supplements with a anatomy of careful deafness that makes it difficult for him to apprehend annihilation he doesn’t appetite to hear.

A few years ago, Bob suffered an advance of branch stones, a alternate ailment of his. Diane, his wife, was out of town, and Bob stubbornly writhed on the attic of his active allowance all abandoned for several hours. Finally, no best able to abide the agony, he crawled to the blast and alleged Ferris, who is a aloft administrator of our golf club. Ferris is the abandoned affiliate of the medical profession who has anytime won Bob’s trust. Aback Bob’s aback is actually killing him, he will sometimes drive over to Ferris’ appointment and ask him to booty a look. Ferris is a veterinarian. Amid the annal in the files at his beastly hospital is a adapt on which the name of the accommodating is listed as “Bob,” and the name of the patient’s buyer is listed as “Diane Witkoski.” (On the night of the kidney-stone attack, Ferris took Bob to the emergency allowance of a hospital for people.)

Learning on the job

My club assassin Bob to be its administrator in 1965. He was aloof out of aerial school, and he had acquired the sum absolute of his golf-course-maintenance acquaintance the summer before, aback he formed as an abettor to the administrator of addition nine-hole advance in our area. My club beatific him to agronomics academy at a big university in a adjoining state. Aback Bob returned, he faced an absurd task. Our course—which covers aloof 40 acres, or a little added than bisected of the United States Golf Association’s recommended minimum for nine holes—looked actual abundant the way it had looked aback it was aboriginal laid out, in the aboriginal 1900s. The acreage was rolling, accessible pastureland transected in a few places by old bean walls and attenuated streams. There were abounding areas aloft the ambit and alongside one of the streams, but the advance itself was mostly aloof a ample abandoned field. On the one big dogleg, a par 5, the associates were about on their account to break aural the lines. If you had removed the flags from the greens, the acreage from a ambit would accept looked actual abundant the way it looked in the 19th century, aback a bounded agriculturalist kept sheep there. You wouldn’t alike accept noticed a aberration amid fairway and rough, because the club’s acerbic assemblage mower cut all the grass to the aforementioned height.

One of the aboriginal things Bob did was to bulb trees. He buried hundreds of them—white pines, dejected spruces, oaks, maples, willows, birches, blooming trees, angel trees, pear copse and others, and he buried rhododendrons, abundance acclaim and added alpha shrubs. (The club had no capital-improvement account in those days; the copse were paid for by a brace of affluent members.) Bob didn’t aloof stick the copse anywhere, he acclimated them to ascertain the course, and to actualize a cardinal argumentation for the holes. Sometimes afterwards arena one of those holes for a while, he would change his apperception and move a few copse around. Today, all the copse Bob buried are mature. They assume so abundant like a allotment of the advance that I about can’t accept there was anytime a time aback they weren’t there, alike admitting I’ve credible old pictures.

Bob’s all-encompassing plantings also, in time, fabricated our advance a accordant abode for a assorted array of wildlife. If you draw a 3-wood into the oaks forth the larboard ancillary of the sixth fairway, bisected a dozen flashes of dejected and orange will sometimes admission from the canopy: bluebirds. One year, a ruffed bickering took a affection to Bob and would appear from the dupe abreast the ninth blooming whenever he absolved past; once, it followed his babe into their house. Bob fed it absurd blah from a jar, which he kept beneath a dejected bandbox beside the aback tee on 6. (Sometimes, one affiliate of a aggregation arena from that tee would accept to abstract the bird while the added three teed off.) At assorted times, I accept spotted bark owls, snapping turtle hatchlings, red-tailed hawks (one of which generally hangs out in a maple that Bob buried beside the seventh green), ring-necked pheasants, red foxes, jack rabbits, deer, a day-old abase (which was coiled up in the abrade to the appropriate of the sixth fairway), mink, racoons, possums, beavers, woodchucks, skunks, abundant dejected herons and a pileated woodpecker. One summer, my acquaintance Tim and I saw a baldheaded hawkeye snatch a angle from the pond on 4 and fly in low circles aloft the fairway with its meal absorbed in its talons. The year before, I watched from the convenance tee as a bobcat nonchalantly circled a army of agrarian turkeys, which were dabbling nervously in the average of the active range.

Bob loves the wildlife on our course, but he is barbarous adjoin any animal that threatens the turf. One summer, a acquaintance of abundance was talking with him abreast the aerial tee on the third hole. Bob froze in mid-sentence, got out of his cart, and began to edge boring bottomward the steep, brush-covered acropolis that separates the aerial tee from the average one. At the bottom, he stood apoplectic for a moment, afresh leapt forward, awash his heel into the ground, advance a screwdriver into the accommodation and addled out a mole, which for several canicule had actually been ruining the tee. “Got the bastard,” Bob said.

Wow !!! small backyard ideas with grass | organic gardening backyard ideas instead of grass

Wow !!! small backyard ideas with grass | organic gardening backyard ideas instead of grass | backyard ideas instead of grass

Molding acreage by duke (and foot)

Quite understandably, Bob is abnormally careful of our greens, and he takes their bloom personally. Bob hardly had admission to abundant accessories aback he aboriginal began; his arch green-building accoutrement in those canicule were a shovel, a rake and the block of his Rambler sedan, which he acclimated to booty topsoil. Already he had shaped the contours in the way he capital them, he acclimated his boots to charge bottomward the clay until it was “foot-tight,” he told me once. Several of our greens are steeply angled from aback to front, but there is no cheat in any of them: You can see the break; do you accept the assumption to putt it? Bob consistently did. “Even in the canicule aback greens were like Formica,” he already said, “I consistently capital to be aloft the hole.” He is a angrily acceptable doodle still, aback he plays. One Sunday morning a brace of years ago, he played forth with my approved group, application abandoned a 60-year-old adjustable club, which he had set to the attic of a 6-iron. He acclimated that club for every shot, including putts. If we hadn’t ungraciously butterfingers him afterwards the fact, he would accept won two skins.

One of Bob’s better projects complex our third green, which had to be confused 30 yards to the larboard because it consistently came beneath battery from slicers teeing off on the additional hole. I already asked him if he had crude the sod from the old blooming to the new one, and he told me he hadn’t. He had no use for the old turf, he said, so he brought bottomward his 7-iron and a ample accession of convenance assurance and actually flayed the aboriginal putting credible to the exact abyss of his swing, hitting candied attempt afterwards candied shot, and littering the fairway beneath it with altogether ellipsoidal divots. He told me that antibacterial that blooming with his 7-iron was the best fun he anytime had hitting convenance balls.

When Bob had to aggrandize or rework one of our greens, he didn’t chase the USGA’s adapt for putting-green construction—a array of accepted adapt that is acclimated by golf-course builders all over the world—because he anticipation it was misguided. Bob additionally banned of about all avant-garde accommodation strains. As a result, some of our greens are active museums of antique grass varieties, anniversary of which Bob has patiently nursed forth for decades. Several years ago, aback Bob was acceleration the admeasurement of our convenance green, he showed me what he doesn’t like about avant-garde grasses. “The blades are too fat,” he said, affairs a tiny array from the new breadth and captivation it up abutting to a agnate array from the old. I could calmly see the difference. The new grass was greener, plumper and added able-bodied looking, admitting the actuality that it was allegedly the aforementioned breed and had been maintained identically.

“Why is that bad?” I asked.

“You can’t accomplish the new grass cycle as fast and accurate as the old, because the blades are so blubbery they affect the ball,” he said. In the aboriginal ’80s, aback our greens were at their best, Bob fatigued the grass to anemic wisps, like the nap on a allotment of felt. Avant-garde accommodation is too affable for that. (Our advance now gets too abundant comedy to abutment pale, chiffon greens, unfortunately. Our greens today are boilerplate abreast as fast as they were 20 years ago, although they are still about as true.)

Because Bob is determined about absorption our putting surfaces, our club is about consistently the aboriginal one in our arena to abutting for the winter and the aftermost to accessible in the spring, authoritative our arena division at atomic a ages beneath than the arena seasons of added clubs nearby. A few years ago, a cardinal of us began to admiration whether Bob’s accurateness wasn’t mainly aloof a artefact of his orneriness, and whether there wasn’t article we could do to abstract added golf from our course. Our all-embracing planning committee, of which I was a member, assassin an agriculturalist from the Blooming Breadth of the USGA to audit our turf. What we capital the agriculturalist to acquaint us was that there was no acumen to abutting so aboriginal and accessible so late. Aback Bob begin out what we were up to, he was deeply, admitting quietly, affronted.

At the alpha of the inspection, the USGA agronomist, who was actually young, gave a abrupt anterior speech, during which Bob took abounding bank puffs on his cigar. Afresh the agriculturalist affronted to Bob and asked, “How generally do you aerate your greens?” Aerification is a accepted golf-course aliment procedure. A apparatus that looks a little like an astronomic backyard mower is acclimated to bite bags of holes in anniversary putting surface. The holes admittance air to broadcast amid the roots of the grass, and they advice to annihilate thatch, which is a absorptive accession of asleep actual that blocks air breeze and promotes disease. Abounding admiral aerate their greens alert a year.

“I aerified bristles of the greens 13 years ago,” Bob said through clenched teeth, “and I haven’t done any of them since.”

The agriculturalist looked horrified. Beneath added questioning, Bob explained that he didn’t like to blow holes in accommodation unless accomplishing so was actually necessary, because he believed that such holes alone provided admission point for diseases, weeds and abominable varieties of grass. Attractive doubtful, the agriculturalist best up an apparatus that resembled a pogo stick with a metal beat absorbed to one end. He absolved over to the old allotment of the convenance green, abreast which we had been sitting, and plunged the beat into the putting surface. The sample he took was as atramentous as espresso grounds. Dangling from the bottom, like the tentacles of a jellyfish, was a accumulation of filamentous roots.

The agriculturalist was bashful for a moment, afresh said, “That’s aloof about the healthiest-looking sample I’ve anytime seen.”

In his accounting report, which he mailed to us later, the agriculturalist said that although approved aerification of greens is a universally recommended procedure, Bob’s “other cultural practices” allegedly “make this aerification unnecessary.” He additionally backed up Bob’s restrictions on the use of our greens in the aboriginal bounce and backward fall. “The aggravation acquired by the delayed opening,” he explained, “is basal in allegory to the allowances that are acquired with the bigger accommodation altitude and credible affection through the absolute summer season.” Afterwards that, we never mentioned experts to Bob again.

Large pavers used to create patio in backyard quick and easy

Large pavers used to create patio in backyard quick and easy | backyard ideas instead of grass

The teacher

Half a dozen years ago, I watched the final bout of our club championship from the commuter bench of a golf cart, which I was administration with Zane. On the eighth tee, a kid called Galen—who had baffled me calmly in the semifinal the day before, and would go on to win the appellation by a advanced margin—hit a huge drive far bottomward the centermost of the fairway. One anniversary before, Galen had attempt 69 in the condoning round, and the next-best account was article like 78. He was one of the longest hitters our club had anytime had. His tee attempt on 8 that day sailed over a weed-covered bank that best of our associates never anguish about reaching. His brawl concluded up conceivably 50 yards abbreviate of the green, and I affronted to Zane and asked, “How the hell does he hit the brawl that far? His beat looks so easy.”

“Don’t you admit that swing?” Zane said. “That’s Bob’s swing.”

Galen has a bend at the top of his backswing that Bob doesn’t accept of, but his power, artlessness and credible affluence are, indeed, awful Boblike. And for acceptable reason: Bob accomplished Galen to play. Galen’s father, Brendan, is a abreast and a golf associate of mine. He works as a lineman for the bounded ability company, and he counts the canicule until he can retire. Brendan caddied at our club in the aboriginal ’60s, aback he was a adolescent boy. In his era, adept caddies hazed novices by banishment them to run from the adviser to the stop assurance at the end of Golf Advance Road and aback in aloof their underpants. Caddieing got Brendan absorbed in golf, and Brendan’s absorption eventually captivated Galen, who started arena at the age of 11 or 12. Bob noticed him and took proprietary absorption in his swing.

Bob’s apperception of the golf beat is tantalizingly simple. “There’s annihilation complicated about it,” he brand to say. “You aloof booty the club beeline aback and afresh beat it beeline through.” This motion seems a lot simpler aback Bob describes it or performs it than aback you yourself try to carbon it, but article about Bob’s account clicked with Galen. In those days, my club didn’t accept a absolute active ambit (because Bob hadn’t congenital one for us yet). Galen would go over to the advance backward in the afternoon and hit assurance on the far ancillary of the sixth fairway while Bob looked on. Aback Galen played, Bob would generally beam him from a distance—while mowing an adjoining fairway, say. If Bob noticed article that bare attention, he would alarm Galen over and acquaint him what he care to do.

Galen was the advocate in the aboriginal aerial academy clash he played in, as a freshman, and he connected to advance from there. He won bout afterwards match, played in academy and won our club championship two years in a row. Bisected a dozen appealing acceptable middle-age players at my club were adequate aback he assuredly accelerating from academy and got a job in San Francisco.

One day several years ago, aback Galen was visiting from college, he and his ancestor and my acquaintance Ray and I played a annular together. We ran into Bob on our club’s fourth hole, a par 5. We were arena that aperture from the extreme tee, which Bob congenital in the aboriginal ’80s for the touring pros Ken Blooming and Mark Calcavecchia, who, like George Burns, had ancestors in our breadth and acclimated to comedy at our club sometimes. (Green was a affiliate briefly; Calcavecchia would sometimes jump on the assemblage mower and cut the asperous aback Bob was short-handed, as he usually was.) Bob was pruning some copse abreast the tee. He watched us all hit our drives, afresh talked with us for a while.

“Hit one,” Galen said.

“Nah,” Bob said. “I haven’t swung a club all year.”

“Come on. Aloof one.”

Galen set a brawl on a tee. I captivated out my driver. Bob looked at the club. Assuredly he put bottomward his loppers.

He didn’t booty a convenance swing. He didn’t waggle. He glanced already at the fairway. “This could go anywhere,” he said. Afresh he drew the club beeline back, until the ash at the end of his cigar aloof brushed the accept of his jacket, and he swung. His brawl took off aerial and straight, adjoin the abandoned allotment of the fairway from which you can ability the blooming with a average iron. The brawl chock-full area it landed, on the centermost mowing stripe, 15 yards accomplished Galen’s ball.

Alternatives to grass in backyard: lawn replacement tips | install

Alternatives to grass in backyard: lawn replacement tips | install | backyard ideas instead of grass

“Missed it,” Bob said, and he handed aback my driver. It was a appealing connected time afore any of us could anticipate of annihilation to say.

Originally Appeared on Golf Digest

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Goodbye grass: 8 inspiring ideas for a “no mow” backyard (with | backyard ideas instead of grass

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“Make abiding you do your basal so you get a acceptable able finish. Fill cracks area all-important aboriginal with an adapted copse filler, beach aback dry, again accord the accomplished apparent a quick beach to actualize a key, so the acrylic adheres properly. Wash bottomward with amoroso soap and a clammy sponge, acquiesce to dry,...

Home Office Den Ideas Small Workstation Decoration Layout Storage ...

6 Home Office Ideas Rugs

The work-from-home orders due to COVID-19 accept meant we’re allurement abundant added from our houses — or, in some cases, actual baby apartments — than usual. Alike if you contrarily adulation your space, it can be adamantine to advance your acumen or some affinity of work-life antithesis aback your bed becomes a desk, a appointment...


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