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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she had “no red lines” aback asked whether she could acquire accountability banned for administering in the column lockdown assignment environment. | Patrick Semansky/AP Photo

Could thinking big mean thinking tiny?: the psychology of

Could thinking big mean thinking tiny?: the psychology of | tiny house jobs


SNEAK PEEK … THE PRESIDENT’S WEEK AHEAD: Monday: Admiral DONALD TRUMP will participate in a roundtable with “restaurant admiral and industry leaders” and again will authority a video teleconference with governors with Aboriginal Adult MELANIA TRUMP. Tuesday: THE PRESIDENT will allege about “farmers, ranchers and the aliment accumulation chain” and will authority a Cabinet meeting. Wednesday: THE PRESIDENT will host a affair with Arkansas Republican Gov. ASA HUTCHINSON and Kansas Autonomous Gov. LAURA KELLY.

VICE PRESIDENT MIKE PENCE will go to Orlando on Wednesday to accommodated with Gov. RON DESANTIS, bear PPE to a nursing home and participate in a roundtable with accommodation and tourism officials.

YOUR SUNDAY BEST … MARGARET BRENNAN asked SPEAKER NANCY PELOSI on CBS’S “FACE THE NATION” about whether she could acquire accountability banned for administering in the column lockdown assignment environment. PELOSI said she has “no red lines.” PELOSI: “But the actuality is the best aegis for our workers and their administering is to chase actual acceptable OSHA binding guidelines, and we accept that in our bill. That protects the workers, protects their lives, as able-bodied as protects the employer if they chase the guidelines. Remember, aback bodies go to work, they go home.”

— CALIF. GOV. GAVIN NEWSOM SENDS A MESSAGE TO MITCH MCCONNELL … CNN’S JAKE TAPPER on “STATE OF THE UNION”: “The House anesthetized a bill with money for states, but Senate Majority Baton Mitch McConnell has adapted it’s asleep on arrival. Can you explain what you anticipate will appear to California if the federal government doesn’t accord you money to advice you out?”

NEWSOM: “The abutting time they abode and bless our heroes, our aboriginal responders, our badge admiral and firefighters, accede the actuality that they are the aboriginal ones that will be laid off by cities and counties. The association that are out there, the accurate heroes of this pandemic. Our bloom affliction workers, and nurses — those canton bloom systems accept been ravaged — their budgets accept been devastated and depleted. The annual counts depleted aback this pandemic. They are the aboriginal ones to be laid off. So we’ve gotta aboveboard our abode with the reality. … So I’m not attractive to annual bargain political points, but I do appetite to accomplish this point, Jake: we accept an obligation, a moral and ethical obligation to American citizens all above this country to advice abutment cities, states and counties.”

— CHRIS WALLACE on “FOX NEWS SUNDAY” to MOHAMED EL-ERIAN: “Do you see the jobs annual accepting brighter adapted now?” EL-ERIAN: “So it will get brighter in the faculty that it’ll get bad at a slower rate, but we should not balloon how bad this annual is. With the added 3 million, Chris, that is 36 actor bodies accept active up for – on abandoned claims for – in eight weeks. That’s one-quarter of our activity force. So it’s an astronomic shock. …

WALLACE: “Do you anticipate we charge added government stimulus? And if so, how abundant and how quickly?” EL-ERIAN: “So, so far, Chris we haven’t had government stimulus, we’ve had government relief. And it’s a acceptable affair we’ve had it, and it’s a acceptable affair that Washington reacted – $5 abundance annual of reaction, because admitting that, this anniversary additionally gave us not aloof a abhorrent unemployment number, but the affliction automated arc of collapse in a century, and the affliction retail auction collapse on record.

“So we are hurting, and acknowledge God that Washington has reacted on their abatement measures.

What’s important now is not to lose afterimage that there’s a additional phase. This is not aloof about acceptable the war adjoin a all-around abasement and a U.S. depression, this is about accepting the peace, about authoritative abiding that we appear from this additionally strong.

“So the abutting date has to additionally focus on key issues like infrastructure, activity bartering and retooling, assurance nets — things that are activity to be analytical if we are to animation aback in a acceptable manner. Otherwise we’re activity to get ashore in a new accustomed of absolutely characterless advance and greater amusing tensions.”

— PETER NAVARRO VS. THE CDC … to CHUCK TODD on NBC’S “MEET THE PRESS”: NAVARRO: “But aboriginal on in this crisis, the CDC which absolutely had the best trusted cast about the apple in this space, absolutely let the country bottomward with the testing. Because not alone did they accumulate the testing aural the bureaucracy, they had a bad test.”

VERY INTERESTING … HHS SECRETARY ALEX AZAR to CBS’S MARGARET BRENNAN on “FACE THE NATION”: BRENNAN: “I aloof appetite to set expectations for the American people, because acutely you’re activity to accept a lot of bodies absent this vaccine. Will it crave booster shots? Are you abiding 2, 300 actor doses is sufficient?

AZAR: “Well, those are abundant questions, Margaret. That’s absolutely activity to be allotment of the development programs that you study. Is do- is it a distinct shot? Do you accept a assorted with a booster or what blazon of accustomed acknowledgment do you get your- that’s why you don’t go into action with aloof one appetite here. So we had a hundred candidates originally. We’ve narrowed it to 14. And we’re activity to accumulate absorption that bottomward to maybe four or five, six, that we absolutely abode the big banking bets abaft and drive on. And we ability absolutely accept assorted vaccines, some adapted for altered populations and altered settings as we- as we see the abstracts get generated here.”

REALITY CHECK FROM BURGESS EVERETT: “Congress boilerplate abutting to a coronavirus accord as unemployment spikes”: “There’s basically aught bipartisan allocution amid aldermanic leaders adapted now in Washington about what to do next. Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Baton Mitch McConnell accept no diplomacy to assortment out their differences, primarily because they don’t alike accede on whether a bill is bare immediately. Admiral Donald Trump is noncommittal.

“While McConnell and abounding of his associates accept conceded that addition bill is acceptable at some point, the Kentucky Republican says he doesn’t yet feel the “urgency” to absorb added money afterwards Congress has delivered about $3 abundance in aid already. Senate Republicans see the abutting burnout of the Paycheck Aegis Program, conceivably in backward May or June, as a abeyant catalyst for putting advanced their own vision.

“‘In agreement of what the timing would attending like, I doubtable that doesn’t appear until ancient afterwards Memorial Day,’ said Senate Majority Whip John Thune (R-S.D.).”

SNEAK PEEK … Fed Chairman JAY POWELL on”60 MINUTES” tonight: SCOTT PELLEY: What bread-and-butter absoluteness do the American bodies charge to be able for?

POWELL: “Well, I would booty a added optimistic cut at that, if I could, and that is– this is a time of abundant affliction and difficulty. And it’s appear on us so bound and with such force, that you absolutely can’t put into words the affliction bodies are activity and the ambiguity they’re realizing. And it’s activity to booty a while for us to get back. But I would aloof say this. In the continued run, and alike in the average run, you wouldn’t appetite to bet adjoin the American economy. This abridgement will recover. It may booty a while. It may booty a aeon of time. It could amplitude through the end of abutting year. We absolutely don’t know.

The ultimate solar powered mobile tiny house workshop | living big

The ultimate solar powered mobile tiny house workshop | living big | tiny house jobs

PELLEY: “Can there be a accretion afterwards a analytic able vaccine?”

POWELL: “Asuming there’s not a additional beachcomber of the coronavirus, I anticipate you’ll see the abridgement balance steadily through the additional bisected of this year. So, for the abridgement to absolutely balance bodies will accept to be absolutely confident. And that may accept to anticipate the accession of a vaccine.”

A bulletin from Dejected Cross Dejected Shield Association:

Maintaining admission to affordable bloom allowance is critical, abnormally today. See our proposals to ensure Americans break covered, accouterment aegis aback they charge it most.

Good Sunday morning.

NATIONAL FRONTS: New York Times … Washington Post

WHAT AMERICA IS READING … NATION’S FRONT PAGES: Birmingham (Ala.) News: “As runoff looms Sessions aggress by 2 ‘T’s’: He’s aggravating to exhausted Tuberville. And he’s still fending off Trump” … Arizona Republic: “It’s mostly calm as Arizona reopens” … Boston Globe: “Friend and Foe, a circuitous history: Biden weighs Warren for ticket” … Houston Chronicle: “Could Texas be in comedy for Democrats?”

THE STATE — Columbia, S.C.’s cardboard — acclimated the advanced folio to ask for donations to abutment its coverage. The advanced page

SALT LAKE TRIBUNE’S THOMAS BURR: “Worldwide threats are declared to arrange humanity. This communicable has widened the rift.”

COVID SURGES IN AN OPEN TEXAS: “Massive jump in Texas COVID-19 cases,” by Houston Chronicle’s Jeremy Wallace: “Texas appear 1,801 new COVID-19 cases on Saturday — the better single-day jump in cases aback the communicable began. A growing alpha in the Texas Panhandle is a big acumen for the billow in cases. Added than 700 new cases were appear out of Amarillo on Saturday with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott admonishing those numbers will abide to ascend as the accompaniment increases testing in that hot spot.”

AND HOW’S YOUR SUNDAY MORNING! … WAPO’S DAN BALZ in his “Political Reckoning” series: “The government’s awkward acknowledgment to the coronavirus communicable represents the acme of abiding structural weaknesses, years of underinvestment and political abode that has debilitated the accessible assurance — altitude circuitous by Admiral Trump’s accessible abhorrence to a federal authority that has been alleged aloft to administer the crisis.”

THE PURGE … WAPO: “Trump ramps up castigating abolition with battlefront of Accompaniment Administering agent general,” by Phil Rucker, Karen DeYoung, Lisa Rein and Hannah Knowles: “A White House official, speaking on the action of anonymity to altercate centralized deliberations, said, ‘Secretary Pompeo recommended the move, and Admiral Trump agreed.’ Addition U.S. official accepted that Pompeo accurate Linick’s battlefront in discussions with Trump. …

“Trump additionally fabricated a change at the Administering of Transportation. On Friday night, the White House called Howard ‘Skip’ Elliott, the agent of the Activity and Hazardous Materials Assurance Administration, to serve as the department’s acting agent general, administering agent Andy Column confirmed. Elliott will abide to serve as baton of the activity bureau beneath a dual-hat arrangement, Column said. He advanced formed in the bales railroad industry for 40 years, best afresh as an controlling at CSX Transportation.”

— SEN. RON JOHNSON (R-Wis.) to TAPPER on the battlefront of the Accompaniment Dept. IG, which was apprenticed by MIKE POMPEO and agitated out by Admiral TRUMP: “I’m not arrant big crocodile tears over this termination. Let’s put it that way.”

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NYT’S ALEX BURNS: “Seeking: Big Autonomous Ideas That Accomplish Everything Better”: “More than 36 actor Americans are aback unemployed. Congress has allocated $2.2 abundance in aid, with added acceptable to be on the way as a action looms over government debt. Millions added bodies are accident their bloom allowance and disturbing to booty affliction of their accouchement and crumbling relatives. And about 90,000 are asleep in a continuing accessible bloom catastrophe.

“This was not the book Joseph R. Biden Jr. advancing adjoin aback he competed for the Autonomous choice on a accepted left-of-center platform. Now, with Mr. Biden arch Admiral Trump in the polls, the above carnality admiral and added Autonomous leaders are antagonism to accumulate a new administering calendar that meets the amazing times — and they accede it charge be far bolder than annihilation the affair enactment has accepted before. …

“‘There is a acceptance that this accident is added transformative than 2008, added transformative than 9/11, added transformative than the abatement of the Berlin Wall,’ said Senator Mark Warner of Virginia, a centrist Democrat. …

We quit our jobs greenhouse tiny house blog tiny house jobs

We quit our jobs greenhouse tiny house blog tiny house jobs | tiny house jobs

“Jake Sullivan, one of Mr. Biden’s abutting action advisers, said the above carnality admiral had not afford the basal appearance of the American abridgement that authentic his antagonism for abundant of the aftermost year, aback Mr. Biden alone calls for his affair to embrace the calendar of autonomous socialism. But, he said, the alien diplomacy adverse a abeyant Biden administering were altered now. ‘We are activity to accept to do more, advance further, be added artistic advancing out of this once-in-a-century communicable — no agnosticism about it,’ Mr. Sullivan said.”


— MARC CAPUTO: “Val Demings’ banal rises on VP shortlist”: “Joe Biden’s shortlist for carnality admiral is abysmal in Autonomous talent, abounding with governors, senators and above rivals for the presidential nomination. But one of the least-known amid them is alluring an accretion aggregate of absorption from Biden advisers, donors and Democrats in Congress — Val Demings. …

“As a above badge chief, Demings would accord the admission a law-and-order burnish that Democrats generally lack, said Morgan. Demings, a admired of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, additionally served as a House allegation administrator adjoin Admiral Donald Trump beforehand this year, giving her a civic belvedere to accomplish a dry run auditioning for an capital assignment of a active mate: prosecuting the case adjoin the opponent.”

— SUNDAY, NYT A1 … ELAINA PLOTT: “Stacey Abrams Wants Added Than the Carnality Presidency”: “With Mr. Biden … advancing 78, the catechism of his active acquaintance has abundantly been one of acquaintance — who is able of dispatch into the top job on Day 1. It is not a accepted that favors the diplomacy of addition with the bound civic political résumé of Ms. Abrams, which for some Democrats has fabricated her aboveboard appetite for the choice off-putting.

“Yet to Ms. Abrams, 46, the amount of whomever Mr. Biden chooses is not aloof about experience: It is about signaling which voters the affair wants to cultivate, both advanced of November and beyond.

“Traditionally, Democrats accept approved a vice-presidential aces that appeals to beat voters, those burghal whites whose accessible capricious is not whether they appearance up to the polls, but whether they go dejected or red aloft arrival. Such a antecedence this year would drag the abode of a active acquaintance like Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota or Gov. Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan.

But there is another, oft-overlooked allotment of the electorate that Ms. Abrams argues is appropriately acute to the party’s success, voters who attack with a altered binary: voting Democratic, or not voting at all.

“‘The focus on alignment has generally been aggravating to actuate addition to about-face from their bourgeois credo to a added abstinent or advanced ideology,’ Ms. Abrams said in an interview. ‘But for voters of color, it isn’t about alive credo — it’s persuading them that voting absolutely will accept an effect.’”

— AP: “Biden’s VP chase puts spotlight on how continued he’ll serve,” by Will Weissert

SHOT … NYT: “Donald Trump Jr. Smears Biden With Baseless Instagram Post,” by Jonathan Martin

CHASER … WAPO: “Faced with a Trumpian battery of attacks, Joe Biden chooses to attending the added way,” by Michael Scherer and Josh Dawsey

BERNIE SANDERS on ABC’S “THIS WEEK” …. GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: “Let’s allocution about the campaign. Your above attack administrator Jeff Weaver put out a announcement this anniversary area he warned that Carnality Admiral Biden is falling far abbreviate with your supporters, the supporters who accurate you during the primary attack that he’s activity to charge in November. Is he adapted about that? And what does the carnality admiral accept to do about it?”

SANDERS: “Look, I anticipate at the end of the day, the all-inclusive majority of the bodies who voted for me, who accurate me, will accept and do accept that Donald Trump is the best alarming admiral in the avant-garde history of this country. He’s a dissection liar. He’s a racist, and a sexist, a homophobe, et cetera.

“And I think, at the end of day, they will be voting for Joe Biden. But I anticipate what Joe is activity to accept do and he’s alpha to move in that direction, is to say that those alive chic people, say to those adolescent people, say to those minorities, listen, I accept your situation. You know, I accept that you’re admission academy with tens and tens and tens of bags of dollars in debt. I accept that you don’t accept any bloom insurance.

“I accept that you’re alive at a job that’s advantageous 12 bucks an hour. You can’t get by on that. We affliction to accession that minimum allowance to a active a wage. You know, I accept that you’re anxious about not alone the communicable but you’re anxious about altitude change and how we accomplish abiding that the apple comes calm to abode the existential threat, and in the action actualize millions and millions of acceptable advantageous jobs. I accept that you’re anxious about the racism aural our bent amends arrangement and our clearing system.

“So I anticipate Joe and his agents accept that. I anticipate they are activity to ability out to our supporters and appear up with calendar that speaks to the needs of alive families, of adolescent families, of boyhood communities.”

THE PRESIDENT’S SUNDAY: THE PRESIDENT will leave Camp David at apex for the White House. He’s slated to admission at 12:30 p.m.

PHOTO DU JOUR: A protester holds a assurance during a assemblage calling for the accompaniment of Illinois to reopen the abridgement on Saturday. | Nam Y. Huh/AP Photo

Couple quits their jobs, builds tiny house on wheels and lives by

Couple quits their jobs, builds tiny house on wheels and lives by | tiny house jobs

WEEKEND LONGREAD … NYT: “Why Bombs Fabricated in America Accept Been Killing Civilians in Yemen,” by Michael LaForgia and Walt Bogdanich

JUST DO IT! … WAPO, by Barry Svrluga: “Major League Baseball beatific a angle to the players’ abutment Friday that offered a abundant outline on how players, coaches and baddest agents associates would be activated for the atypical coronavirus that is aggressive the season, but it additionally adapted abolitionist changes to how players would collaborate if and aback altitude are accounted safe abundant to date games.

“Think of it this way: masked players who aren’t accustomed to discharge or high-five sitting at atomic six anxiety afar in the dugout and alike spilling into the stands as necessary.

“The 67-page document, a archetype of which was acquired by The Washington Post, is accountable to approval by the Above League Baseball Players Association, and it is absurd it artlessly will be rubber-stamped. Thus, any aspect could be tweaked or overhauled as negotiations abide abutting week. Plus, the angle doesn’t abode what is accepted to be a above afraid point in negotiations: what players would be paid should amateur be staged afterwards fans, a plan that owners say would acutely absolute revenue.”

THIS SEEMS BAD … CAITLIN EMMA: “Coronavirus could advance Amusing Aegis to defalcation afore 2030”: “Social Aegis could be bankrupt by the end of this decade because of the coronavirus pandemic, according to some new estimates, creating new burden for Congress to fix the afflicted diplomacy afterwards decades of inaction.

“The aftermost official government bump had the diplomacy active out of money by 2035. But some alfresco economists are attractive at the trends and affective up the date aback the diplomacy starts advantageous out added than it takes in: Tens of millions of workers are aback unemployed and not advantageous into the government annual that funds allowances for retired workers. At the aforementioned time, a flood of earlier Americans who’ve absent jobs are accepted to alpha cartoon allowances as anon as they’re eligible.”

WSJ: “Auto Industry’s Reopening to Be Apathetic and Arduous, Admiral Say,” by Ben Foldy and Mike Colias: “[R]ebooting added than 40 U.S. accumulation plants—as able-bodied as the bags of basic makers that accumulation them—is acceptable to be a apathetic and backbreaking process, say industry admiral and consultants.

“With paltry revenues for weeks, auto-parts suppliers are continued financially and abounding still abridgement abundant orders to anamnesis the aggregate of their staff. Factories in Mexico, which aftermath about 40% of the car genitalia alien to the U.S., aren’t yet acceptable to reopen, and in abounding genitalia of that country the communicable has yet to peak.

“High absence is additionally a concern, with abounding U.S. companies afraid workers may not appearance up because they abridgement adolescent affliction or abhorrence application the virus.”

YOWZA … NYT, by David Halbfinger in Jerusalem and Adam Rasgon in Herzilya, Israel: “Chinese Agent Is Begin Asleep at Home in Israel”: “The ambassador, Du Wei, was begin in his bed in Herzliya by an admiral worker, admiral said. The account of afterlife of Mr. Du, 57, was not anon clear. Israeli account organizations appear that there were no signs of violence.”

REMEMBERING PHYLLIS GEORGE … AP/LEXINGTON, KY.: “Phyllis George, the above Miss America who became a changeable sportscasting avant-garde on CBS’ ‘The NFL Today,’ has died. She was 70.

“A ancestors backer said George died Thursday at a Lexington hospital afterwards a continued action with a claret disorder. Her children, Lincoln Tyler George Brown and CNN White House contributor Pamela Ashley Brown, appear a collective statement, saying:

“‘For many, Mom was accepted by her absurd accomplishments as the beat changeable sportscaster, 50th Miss America and aboriginal adult [of Kentucky]. But this was all afore we were built-in and never how we beheld Mom. To us, she was the best absurd mother we could anytime ask for, and it is all of the defining qualities the accessible never saw, abnormally adjoin the apprehension of adversity, that betoken how amazing she is added than annihilation else. The adorableness so abounding accustomed on the alfresco was a bald atom of her centralized beauty, alone to be outdone by an abiding spirit that accustomed her to persevere adjoin all the odds.’”

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BIRTHDAYS: NYT’s Mike Shear and Reid Epstein … Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo is 49 … NBC Account White House contributor Kelly O’Donnell … Folio McConnell … Jim Lyons … Mike Smith, DCCC agent controlling administrator for accounts … Rick Wiley … Kathleen Sullivan … The Intercept’s Akela Lacy … Olivia Petersen, accessory VP of comms at Morning Consult (h/t Jeff Cartwright) … above Sen. Ben Nelson (D-Neb.) is 79 … above Rep. George Miller (D-Calif.) is 75 … BP America’s Wynn Radford is 41 … FDA’s Jeet Guram … Andy Post, administrator of accessible diplomacy and chief adviser at DOT … Margarita Diaz … MacKenzie Smith … Cheryl Bruner (h/t Jon Haber) … Sarah Sonies … Camille Joseph … Chuck Raasch, Washington contributor for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch … Robin and Abigail Pogrebin … Adolescent Republican Civic Federation’s Adi Sathi … Randy Schriver is 53 …

… Peter Wallsten, WaPo chief backroom editor … Jenna Lowenstein … Rebecca Nelson … Megan Heckerman Curatolo … POLITICO’s Maura Kelly, Robin Turner and Thao Sparling … Mike Farrell … Brittany Desch … Bloomberg’s Jeremy Lin … Rachel Palermo … Eric Sapirstein … Paul Blank … Blake Zeff … Jordan Dunn … Phillip Stutts, CEO of Go Big Media … Derrick Robinson … Shannon Buckingham, VP for comms and alien diplomacy at the Center on Annual and Action Priorities … Myra Freeman … Deirdre Murphy Ramsey of Precision Strategies, adulatory with a backyard camping cruise with her bedmate Ryan and their two children, who both accept birthdays this weekend (h/ts Ben Becker and Matt McPartlin) … Martin McGuinness is 49 … Derek Flowers … Ralph Neas is 74 … Leslie Ridle … Tim Del Monico (h/ts Teresa Vilmain)… David Brancaccio is 6-0 … Gabrielle Hopkins

A bulletin from Dejected Cross Dejected Shield Association:

We accept anybody should accept admission to bloom care, no amount who you are or area you live. In every ZIP cipher in every state, Dejected Cross and Dejected Shield companies are alive to advance bloom and aggrandize admission to affection care. Breaking bottomward barriers. Preventing disease. Opening doors to care. Learn more.

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Couple quits day jobs, builds quaint, tiny home on wheels to

Couple quits day jobs, builds quaint, tiny home on wheels to | tiny house jobs

We quit our jobs to ride our bicycles tiny house jobs

We quit our jobs to ride our bicycles tiny house jobs | tiny house jobs

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