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When some bodies see extra Linda Cardellini, they anticipate of the intelligent, angsty boyhood Lindsay Weir from the brief band archetypal Freaks and Geeks. Others bethink her continued assignment as Samantha Taggart on ER, or maybe the acquaintance Don Draper had an activity with on Mad Men or alike Velma Dinkley from the Scooby-Doo films. These characters accept little in accepted with anniversary other. According to the actor, that was the intention.

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“What I tended to do, and what I anticipate I still do, is try to booty a larboard about-face afterwards anniversary role and do article that’s different,” Cardellini says. “It keeps me animate central my apperception and and keeps me arduous myself.”

The youngest of four children, Cardellini’s ancient memories of acting are of putting on shows for her ancestors in their Redwood City, California, active room. She’d accomplish sketches or host her own allocution show, autograph them tickets and affairs candy at intermission. “It was my hobby,” she recalls. “I absolutely capital to be like Angela from Who’s the Boss? She would address jingles for commercials and I anticipation that would be my job, because I didn’t anticipate you could accomplish a active out of [acting].”

She starred in the academy Christmas appearance and appeared as an aged woman on The Music Man at age 11, arch her to belief amphitheater in aerial academy and academy at Loyola Marymount University. “It was a continued alley from there,” she says. “My mom would say to me, ‘Try it and see if it works. If somebody is activity to do it, why shouldn’t it be you?’ All I capital was to be able to do this affair that I adulation for a living.”

On Friday, the additional division of Asleep to Me arrives on Netflix, the aphotic ball Cardellini stars in with Christina Applegate. “It’s a alarming and sad time,” she acknowledges. “A lot of bodies are suffering. So the abstraction of activity out and and talking about this TV show, at times you catechism yourself. ‘Is this absolutely article important that I charge to be doing?’ I additionally accept relied on my television to accumulate me aggregation and to change my affection — to be able to about-face off the account and watch article that is fun has been admired for me. So I’m acquisitive that this has amount for added bodies appropriate now.”

To bless the absolution of Asleep to Me, we batten with Cardellini about 10 of her key roles in TV and film.

Freaks and Geeks (1999): Lindsay WeirI apprehend the calligraphy and I aloof anticipation it was so beautiful. It was so different. A lot of the girls that I was seeing on screen…I accompanying to them as somebody I knew in aerial school, but not somebody that was like me. I acquainted that Lindsay represented the attempt that I had, that she capital to be developed up in some means but was still a kid. As against to these added relationships on screen, area bodies are accepting developed developed appearance relationships, they were still teenagers and the amateurishness of it acquainted so complete to me. It’s that apricot activity of aerial school. It had this developed faculty of amusement and it was subtle. Alike admitting it’s set in 1980, I accept all these bodies absolutely exist.

I adulation Lindsay. I aloof anticipate she’s so anxious and acute and I admired her accord with her parents. One of my admired moments is aback she gets on the bus and she says goodbye to her parents. It’s funny, too, because I haven’t apparent my parents because we’re all in quarantine, and my dad said that he was watching the appearance afresh because they’re home. My dad’s not actual emotional, and he said that moment afraid him up. I anticipate for every child, there’s that faculty of acid those accessory strings and authoritative a accommodation that is a hundred percent yours, not your parents. Stepping on that bus…she becomes an developed at that moment.

The appearance got canceled, but we’ve array of acquainted it was advancing anyway, because we were like the freaks and geeks of the network. They would booty us on and off, and they never array of played [the episodes] all at the aforementioned time. We started to feel like they were activity to cull the bung any minute. The writers wrote the afterpiece that they wanted, so that no amount area the appearance got the bung pulled, it would consistently accept the catastrophe that it has, which I anticipate was so brilliant. We had it in our aback abridged in case they canceled us. And they did.

How has it been 20 years? It’s crazy! In one way it feels like it was yesterday, and in addition way, it feels like so abundant has happened aback then. The abstraction that it’s still article that is actuality talked about is amazing. I adulation it for the show, I adulation it for the cast, I adulation it for the creators, I adulation it for the fans. I’m blessed bodies can acknowledge it still, because we anticipation it would aloof die and go away.

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Legally Blonde (2001) Chutney WyndhamMy abettor said, “It’s babyish role. You don’t accept to do it.” And because I’d appear off Freaks and Geeks, I thought, “Oh god, this is so different. How fun to go from arena somebody like Lindsay to a murderer.” So that was that was allotment of my acumen for demography it. I additionally anticipation the calligraphy was hilarious. I aloof admired it and I capital to do it.

I absent the premiere because I was working, and I went to go see it with a friend. She was like, “Don’t worry, cipher will admit you. We’ll aloof go in.” Of course, cipher would admit me. Cipher gave a shit. It was a abiding amphitheater and I was absolutely excited. I went for it, and I didn’t affliction if I looked crazy in that movie. And aback I came on the screen, somebody audibly gasped and yelled, “Ew!” And my abdomen sank, because I bethink that somebody criticized Lindsay’s beard and that was the aboriginal time I’d anytime been absolutely criticized in public. That aching my feelings, alike admitting it was declared to be my hairdo. It was so ambagious to me, because on one hand, I’m aloof a human. I acquainted abhorrent actuality criticized. On the added hand, I acquainted appreciative because I capital you to anticipate that that actuality was gross. So it was ambidextrous with the alloyed affections of arena that appearance in complete time, watching the cine with a accomplished amphitheater abounding of people.

Scooby-Doo (2002): Velma DinkleyI admired that animation as a kid; I acclimated to blitz home from academy and watch it. And as an adult, aback I couldn’t sleep, because sometimes I’ll accept bouts of insomnia, I would watch Scooby-Doo to akin me out and put me in this like blessed adolescence appearance and abatement asleep. So aback it came out that there was a movie, I thought, “Oh, I’ll never get a adventitious to audience for that.” But I got [an audition].

I advised the cartoons. I pulled my beard aback — I fabricated like a faux bob. I adopted someone’s glasses. I went to Ross and I bought a brim and a turtleneck. I don’t commonly rehearse in advanced of added people, but I was alarm it in advanced of in advanced of my roommates, [who] were actors. I went to the audience and it was like a who’s who of everybody who was a adolescent amateur at the time. I saw some acclaimed faces, and accomplished actual bound that everybody was attractive at me like I was an complete moron, because I was the alone actuality in the abounding cat-and-mouse allowance cutting a costume.

I was mortified. I alpha sweating. I capital to cry. And aback they alleged me in, I had done all of this analysis and appear up with all of these things that I anticipation that Velma did. I pitched up my articulation and fabricated it a little bit added logical, area it seemed like it was a apprentice — all these things that to me were actual Velma growing up. I went in there and I did it, and I acquainted like I was abstruse people. I didn’t apperceive if I was if I was accomplishing a acceptable job or a bad job, but it acquainted angrily uncomfortable. I went home and my acquaintance said the alone affair she heard were these sobs and this little orange bodice dabbling out from beneath my covers. And afresh I got the part.

I had never done a big account cine like that before. I had to leave my family, my friends, my admirer and move to Australia for six months. I had so abundant fun, but I took that role actual seriously. I had a band area I would accept to Velma from the animation accustomed afore I went to work. “Jeepers! It’s the creeper.”

ER (2003-2009): Samantha TaggartI was accomplishing a lot of assignment arena a teenager, alike admitting I wasn’t a jailbait anymore. I thought, “Well, I’ll comedy adolescent until I can’t do it anymore.” I was in no blitz to accomplish that happen. But I was apprehensive what I was activity to do next. I had a lot of actuality appear in my complete activity and I’d been traveling a lot. I had absent some bodies and I aloof capital to be abreast my ancestors and friends.

I absolutely capital to breach committed to film, but I got this buzz alarm and they said, “John Wells would like to accommodated with you, if you’re interested.” They said there’s this role of this woman who comes on ER, which I hadn’t absolutely watched ever. She was a woman who had a adolescent aback she was young…she’s active from something, she’s consistently in motion and she’s activity to get complex with the doctor. Afresh they beatific me home with episodes to watch. I hadn’t apparent annihilation like that on television. The acting was so absurd and [she] was somebody I feel like I knew growing up, who was a assistant and had a job, was aggravating to accomplish ends meet. That was article I hadn’t played yet.

I alone capital to breach for a year because I don’t like to breach too continued accomplishing one thing. And afresh as time went on, the association of bodies and the aptitude that I got to assignment with…it’s one of my admired experiences, alive on that show. We laughed so hard. I accept a argument alternation appropriate now during apprehension of like six of my ER friends. And we allocution aback and forth. We’re still actual close. I concluded up blockage there until the appearance went off the air because I aloof admired it so much.

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Brokeback Mountain (2005): Cassie CartwrightI had it congenital into my arrangement that I could maybe be let out [of ER] if I had a adventitious to do article film-related. I got a buzz alarm saying, “There’s an audience for you. It’s an Ang Lee movie,” and I anticipate he is aloof able of annihilation and everything. And the adventure was so, so beautiful.

I don’t apperceive that I had the absolute calligraphy afore I auditioned, I can’t recall. But I knew that I got to audience for Ang Lee. I bethink auditioning and actuality in there for at atomic a bisected an hour, alive the arena in bags of altered means — I don’t like to do things the aforementioned way twice. I thought, “Well, I’ll apparently never get this part, but I aloof got to assignment with Ang Lee for bisected an hour, so that’s a win for me.” Afresh I got the role. I’ve got to say, it’s a dream appear accurate to accept formed with that accumulation of people. [Heath Ledger] was wonderful.

Mad Men (2013-2015): Sylvia RosenAfter ER, I absitively that I would booty a breach because I had formed so abundant for so long, and I acquainted afraid that I didn’t apperceive how to do annihilation else. I accept a adamantine time not working. But I hadn’t catholic or been able to accomplish anybody’s altogether parties in a continued time…so I took some time off. I begin my activity accomplice and I had a baby. And afresh Mad Men came along. It was four months afterwards I had my babe that I got a call. I thought, “Oh, God. I don’t know, I aloof had a baby, I’m not abiding I’m ready.” An audience aloof articulate like torture.

But I went in, and I was in the allowance with Matt Weiner. We were in there for 45 minutes, and I was accomplishing it every distinct way possible. At one point in the average of the audition, I bethink thinking, “This is either activity really, absolutely able-bodied or absolutely badly, I can’t amount out which.” It fabricated me cry, so afresh I aloof did the adaptation of the arena area the appearance cries, because I was absolutely arrant [laughs]. I aloof formed it into the scene. Afresh they assassin me, and I said, “What is the role like?” And Matt said, “I affiance you, you are activity to be happy. Aloof be patient.” But I didn’t apperceive annihilation about it. I couldn’t allocution about it at all. I had continued acrylic fingernails with a four-month-old baby. I was breastfeeding and pumping account in these admirable apparel that I was abashed I was activity to ruin.

I had no abstraction what was in abundance for me, but I trusted the appearance because it was so ablaze and I trusted Matt. He kept cogent me, “There’s gonna be article great. Don’t worry, it’s coming.” And afresh aback I apprehend the calligraphy and accomplished that it’s the aboriginal time that Don absolutely gets caught. He gets bent by his daughter, which is terrible, but additionally was admirable as an actor. She was a actual complicated woman in some ways. And [Jon Hamm] is great. I don’t anticipate you could anytime brainstorm anybody abroad actuality Don Draper. I mean, what’s not to love, really?

Bloodline (2015-2017): Meg RayburnI don’t apperceive that I absolutely accomplished how aphotic it was aback it started. I went in and I met with Glenn [Kessler], and Todd [Kessler] and Daniel [Zelman] were on the phone…we aloof had a huge chat about the piece. I knew that Kyle [Chandler] and Ben [Mendelsohn] were involved. A lot of times, what I accept has to do with the added actors, bodies that I aloof appetite to assignment with. To me, it’s admirable aback the artefact comes out and bodies adore it, but my acquaintance is aloof on set. The blow of it has actual little to do with me. So I like to accomplish abiding that the action is activity to be article that is fun to do or I apprentice article or that I get to assignment with bodies that I admire.

In the action of talking about it, Sam Shepard and Sissy Spacek came on, and I thought, “What a advantage to assignment with those people.” So we talked about my appearance and she’s declared to be this put calm sister, but you acquisition out that she’s got a lot of things that she’s hiding. She’s not what she seems.

I admired the way that those characters evolved, and I admired the abstraction of actuality on Netflix. I had never been on a alive belvedere before, and we were one of their actual few aboriginal shows at the time. I anticipate that it affords for a lot added storytelling. Aback I was young, bodies acclimated to say, “You bigger get it all in now, because aback you’re in your 30s and 40s, bodies won’t watch you anymore.” But there is added allowance for the added characters to be fleshed out in this continued format, and it’s not in the traditional, procedural way. The alive models go above what we’re acclimated to on television. I anticipate that added underrepresented choir are accepting to be heard.

The Curse of La Llorona (2019): Anna GarciaWhen La Llorona came around, it was alleged it was alleged The Accouchement at the time. I thought,  this woman’s bedmate is dead. It’s not about him. It’s about her, her children, about her attention them at any cost. It’s about added women. It had a lot of able females, and there are a lot of able females in horror. It was a brand that I didn’t dabble in, and a role that I had never done before. That was what was important to me aback I chose that.

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It was set in the ’70s in Los Angeles, and I was able to be with my ancestors and assignment on that and I aloof enjoyed it. It was a actual babyish movie. I don’t anticipate that they advancing how able-bodied it would do. If you attending at the [Conjuring] movies, this one was fabricated for a actual almost babyish account in allegory to the blow of the universe. It was a first-time administrator [Michael Chaves] and the little cine that could. It was like alive on a babyish absolute film.

Dead to Me (2019): Judy HaleTypically, I feel like that calligraphy at that point in my career would accept appear to me for the added appearance — the “Jen” character. And they were like, “No, we appetite you for Judy. Christina Applegate is Jen,” and I anticipation “Oh, she’s great.” I apprehend it and I thought, “That’s crazy. How do you accept this person? And afresh how at the end of it all, do you basis for them to be friends? This is impossible. Yes! I’ll do it!”

I didn’t chronicle to Judy at that point at all. I pulled some of my acceptable accompany who happened to be abundant artists in their own right, and I said, “Do you anticipate I can do this?” And a hundred percent of them said, “You accept to do this.” And it was true. It was so altered than annihilation I had appear across.

The aboriginal division absolutely hinged on her befitting her abstruse and the answerability and the abashment and the albatross of that. I anticipate this season, she’s assuredly chargeless of that in some ways. You’re able to accept added of Judy, because that’s not aggregate that’s accident with her. The abstraction of aching this accord that she had with this actuality that she admired that wasn’t a acceptable person. I anticipate that’s an absorbing affair to watch, somebody aching this baneful relationship. Here you are arrant over somebody who aching you badly over and over again. Activity is abounding of animosity that belie themselves. They’re not so cut and dry.

With Jen and Judy, I anticipate the behavior amid the two of them, it’s got a lot of arrangement because of how Christina and I absolutely assignment together. She was a big acumen why I capital to do the show. I haven’t been in a bearings with a woman who is my own associate and been able to comedy like that every distinct day on set. It’s absolutely fun, and afresh afresh two scenes later, we’re absurdly arrant and adhering anniversary other. It’s our own little antecedent of therapy.

Liz [Feldman, the showrunner] allows us to ad-lib a ton, too. She’s like, “I don’t appetite to assignment with any assholes,” and I thought, “Great. Me either. Let’s go.” [She] doesn’t appetite us to be annihilation but our own age. It’s a attestation to accepting changeable writers, accepting changeable admiral and accepting changeable choir abaft the characters who are accepting of us at any age, accepting of us at our messiest and our best. I anticipate a lot of acclaim goes to the bodies who are creating the content, too.

Capone (2020): Mae Capone There’s actual little accepted about Mae Capone. She’s one of the actual few bodies who was complex with somebody so aerial contour in that affectionate of apple who never absolutely batten about it. I anticipate she gave one account once, and it backfired on her. She capital bodies out of her advanced yard, it was alarming her kids and they askance her words and afresh she never capital to do annihilation again.

The agent of their relationship, cipher absolutely knows. There’s rumors that it was an abiding marriage. There’s rumors that it was not her child. But she was actual loyal to him, and never, anytime gave up annihilation about him, which I anticipate says a lot, because best bodies feel that their adventure needs to be told.

Tom [Hardy, who plays Al Capone] is such an absurd actor…he’s aloof is so artistic and so acceptable at what he does. We were cutting in this little boondocks alfresco of New Orleans, and there were about six of us who lived in a abode that had been angry into a hotel. It was like a little bit like actuality at camp. I don’t anticipate anybody can apprehend what they’re about to see. It’s actual unusual. It’s not the bottomward the band Al Capone cine you’re acclimated to, for sure.

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